Hosting an event and having a small carbon footprint on our planet

I am proud to announce at our first Pop•Up Yoga event, as a group, we left a very small carbon footprint. We decided to opt out of using disposable cups, plates and utensils. We decided to go the "fancy" route and use ceramic mugs, plates and silverware.

now you know why my blog is named "The Little Things :)

I am very happy we were able to lead by example, have a great time and create hardly any waste. Do you ever wonder how you can reduce your carbon footprint on our beautiful mother earth?

10 Ways to help reduce your carbon footprint

1. reusable grocery bags

2. Use a basket to shop for fruit and vegetables

3. Buy locally grown organic produce

4. Compost your food or find ways to reuse your food (e.g., vegetable broth, bone broth, body/face scrub from used coffee grinds)

5. When hosting an event, use ceramic cups, plates, silverware, etc,.

6. When hosting an event, use cloth napkins

7. Buy energy efficient appliances

8. Donate, donate, donate! One person's junk is another person's treasure

9. Install a programmable thermostat

10. Recycle as much as possible

The little things add up to big things.



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